Wenn deine Tour länger dauert als der Tag

Splitboarder with backpack walking up the mountain
Hike to sleep instead of hike to ride this time!

Two people in sleeping bags in a snowcave
Two tired people in sleeping bags in a snow cave.

In February 2018 I participated in a special event by the Alpenverein Gebirgsverein. They held a 2 day workshop on how to safely spend the night outdoors in winter. We learned about different types of bivouacs, how to stay warm and energized and then spent the night in self-built bivvys. My accomodation of choice was a snow cave. Read about my experience on the PowderGuide website:

Unterwegs mit dem Wegeteam des Alpenvereins

Stephanie Jagl-Posch hammering on a peg with hiking path signage to fixate it

Ich bin Mitglied des Wegeteams vom Gebirgsverein St. Pölten und arbeite auf freiwilliger Basis bei der Erhaltung von Wegen mit. Die Tätigkeiten beinhalten beispielsweise das Auffrischen oder neu Anbringen von Wegmarkierungen, das Freischneiden von Wegen oder das Wiederherstellen von Wegen nach Unwetterereignissen.

Für PowderGuide habe ich 2016 von meinem ersten Wochenende, bei dem ich auf der Schneealm als Wegewartin eingeschult wurde, berichtet.


Splitboard Article in Volume Magazine

a short time ago, Roman and myself were asked to write an article for an austrian music magazine called Volume for their Freeride Special on the topic of Splitboarding. we sat down, thought about it, started to write, erased parts again but finally finished the piece and called it “Split it – Die Geschichte des Splitboards und wofür es gut ist”.
Volume Magazin
read it online here:
-> http://www.volume.at/magazin/kategorie-uebersicht/detailansicht/m05/4856/
thanks to Stephan from Die Bergstation for inviting us to be part of this Freeride Special!

approaching my first winter season

as 2013 ends, i’m looking forward to big changes in 2014. Roman and i have given up our flat in vienna. we have already moved out – it was a lot of work (and foiled my plans to work out as much as possible), but it was worth it, knowing the reason for this decision – we will do our first winter season.

we have dreamed about spending more time in the mountains for the last years and finally we were brave enough to commit ourselves.
we will be situated at the tauplitz in styria for 3 months. we hope for lots of great experiences and wish to get to know more dedicated people to ride with. may there be lots of room for improvement in our skills and many emotions to share.

i enjoy writing about my adventures a lot and luckily have had the chance to have my articles published in different magazines. one of them is the website powderguide.com – after winning the mountain mastery contest in 2012, i stayed in contact with the magazine staff and this summer, the opportunity to contribute more to powderguide.com popped up. of course i agreed and have recently written a story about being a mountain addict, living in a big city in the flat land in the east of austria (in german, click here to read). i’m looking forward to continue reporting about my winter season and also writing about other things, like contests or events.

i plan to compete in a few freeride contests again and i hope that i will be able to come up with a video recap of my adventures by the end of the season.

(and in april, i will be back at the office to continue working as a web developer, in case anyone is wondering ;)).

wishing you all a wonderful winter! make sure to check back for updates!


Weekend Magazin

i had a phone interview with Katharina Prügger from the styrian edition of the Weekend Magazin a while ago, we talked about women in action sports and specifically about the Longboard Girls Crew Austria and mizzi.
you can read the article here or download it here.

mizzi.at on Radio FM4

recently, i received a message from Simon Welebil, who works for austrian radiostation FM4, asking if i was interested in giving an interview about my all-female-shred-blog mizzi.at – i didn’t take me long to make a decision, of course i wanted to be part of it.

a few days later, Simon and i met up at karlsplatz, which is conveniently situated for both of us, right in the middle between FM4 and my workplace.
we sat down near the fountain and talked a bit, before Simon started recording the interview. it was a nice conversation and i’m pretty happy with how the interview turned out.
a small part of it was broadcasted in the FM4 morning show on the 11th of may, the longer part could be heard in connected on the same day.

luckily, i am now able to share the audio files with you, so you can listen to what i have to say about mizzi and my motivation to run the site.
the feature is in german.

go to mizzi.at to listen to the interview.

an article about mizzi.at can be found on the FM4 website: http://fm4.orf.at/stories/1717490/

my first tv show – W24

tomorrow, i’ll be the guest of a tv show for the first time in my life.

i was asked to attend a discussion on the topic of freeriding. thanks to Volker Hölzl of programat/Freeride Experience for recommending me!

the show is hosted by Gerhard Koller, with whom i’ve already talked about the show on the phone last week.

the show will be broadcasted on W24, which is a regional tv station in vienna.

as soon as i know the broadcast dates, i’ll post them. as far as i know at the moment, broadcasting will start next week, with a premiere and several reruns of the show over time.

W24 offers a livestream on its website and the show might also be available for viewing online for a while.

i’m looking forward to this experience. i’m excited and curios how it will feel to be on tv. i’m going to bring a bit of my equipment as well, which i will explain on the show.

i’ll keep you updated! keep your fingers crossed for me!