about mizzi.

mizzi was founded on october 14th, 2006.

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what is mizzi about?
mizzi is about women in extreme sports (bmx, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, longboarding, fmx and so on). i want to encourage other girls and women to also start or keep on riding, by posting news & stories about the events in the female extreme sports world.
other than that.. it’s hella fun.
i have also organized little jams in austria from time to time to keep in touch with others. we’ll see what will come next!

what does mizzi mean and stand for?
i came across an article where a woman from austria was mentioned. her name was mitzi albl and she was a founding member of the ladies bicycle club graz (styria), which was founded in 1893 and was the first bicycle club for ladies in austria, one of the first clubs in europe.
these women were pioneers and helped pave the way for women in a lot of sports. that’s how the name mizzi originated.


who runs this?
my name is Stephanie Jagl-Posch, i’m currently 36 years old, i enjoy snowboarding (mainly freeriding and splitboard touring), wakeboarding and surfing, and i used to ride bmx (gave up riding after about 10 years due to knee problems, sadly).

i live in a small town near vienna in austria (europe).
i ran a german blog previously, it was called “damenrad – female 2rad madness”.