Stephi surfing the CityWave

TL;DR: I went to the CityWave with some of my buddies from my snowboarding club Union 4 Elements and it was fun!

What to do when you’re a landlocked surfer? Especially during times where travelling is difficult?

A non-surfer might not understand the feeling of missing the water. It may seem like a pure first-world issue, but to me, spending time in the water is healing. I am aware that this sounds kinda esoteric and if you know me at all, you know that I am not a spiritual person. Still, I can’t find other words to describe this sensation, this heart-felt feeling that usually also stays with me for weeks after a surfing trip. It’s strong.

Visiting a stationary wave is a chance to get back into surfing, be in the water, spend time with friends and work on your surfing skills. It’s not the same as surfing in the ocean, but it’s a start. A small glimpse of the feeling that surfing in the ocean gives me.

New bike day…

It was new bike day recently for me and while testing my new mountainbike (it’s the Specialized Enduro Expert), I recorded this fun little reel at the Singletrail at Wexl Trails. I can only recommend checking out Wexl Trails, they offer trails for every level, including a jump line, downhill line, flow line or “Bergabradweg”, which is an entry level downhill trail for the whole family.

Camping in the parking lot is allowed, and while it’s for sure not the most luxurious camping spot, it offers a nice surrounding with green meadows and pastures as well as a cozy mountainbiker-spirit feeling.

A video showing Stephanie Jagl-Posch riding down a steep section full of tree roots on her Mountainbike.
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Girls Gotta Eat Dirt

Screenshot from the video “Girls Gotta Eat Dirt”, showing the 3 protagonists of the video, Delilah Cupp, Clare Hamilton and Avra Saslow

“Girls Gotta Eat Dirt” is a video about 3 mountainbikers who also are roommates and best friends, Delilah Cupp (​), Clare Hamilton and Avra Saslow. They shred the trails in Silverton, Colorado, and the video captures the joy that mountainbiking brings perfectly!

Thanks to Louiza for the recommendation!

Blue Tomato Girls Day Planai 2020

Went to the Planai & had some fun at the Blue Tomato Girls Day, where we got the chance to get coached and work on our park skills. I was stoked because I learned how to ride a tube, which I hadn’t mastered before… all pics can be found here:

Warming up together with the girls from the Action Cats
Warming up together with the Action Cats
Boardsliding the box
Boardsliding the box
Stephanie Jagl-Posch boardsliding a box
Another pic from the box
Stephanie Jagl-Posch doing a boardslide on a kinked box
Stephanie Jagl-Posch doing a 5050 on a tube
My first 5050 on a tube

How does it feel to spend less time on social media? My experiences pt 1#unplug

A screenshot from a smartphone, showing a window asking if the Facebook app should really be deleted

On a recent Monday evening, I pulled the plug. I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. As uneventful as that may sound, it has been a drastic decision for me. I have never measured how much time I spend on Facebook, but I am sure it must have been quite some hours in a week.

Getting dragged into the never-ending rabbit hole of the auto-scrolling Facebook feed for more time than I wanted was one part of the problem. What was even more of a problem for me was that I kept reading postings that aggravated me and caused me to think about smart rebuttals, resulting in long, imaginary conversations that kept my mind working for hours. I hardly ever really replied to anyone, of course, knowing that discussions with others online seldomly where fruitful.

You can read about why I pulled the plug in my first post about this topic:

So, a few days have gone by since Monday – how did my “strategy” work out for me?

I haven’t logged into Facebook ONCE since Monday. I never felt the urge to do it, although I had a brief moment of wanting to check out one of the camping groups I am in to find some info about travelling to the Bretagne.

I have checked Instagram sometimes, although way less than I used to. Somehow it currently feels uninteresting to me to scroll through endless streams of pictures. My Instagram follow-list has grown so much that I sometimes see more stuff from people I don’t really know than from the ones I care about. Today, I opened Instagram and was instantly triggered by a posting about organic veggies by somebody I don’t even know in person… I closed the app and haven’t opened it again since.

The first noticable effects my reduced social media consumption has on me are:

  • better sleep. I guess the first reason is this: less imaginary discussions mean less time that my brain is rattling on when I actually would prefer to sleep. The second reason could be that I was more conciously spending my evening, watching a movie or a show and not browsing social media at the same time. Due to this, I noticed when I was getting tired and went to bed a bit earlier.
  • more time for other things. It sounds cheesy, but I really managed to do more “real” stuff instead of scrolling around on my phone, without it feeling like a burden or being exhausting. I’m not forcing myself to do more “real” stuff, I just want to do it. For example, I went on multiple walks, I completed a book, I made my own chocolate, I tried my hand at making granola bars and I completed some chores in the garden and house.
  • more creativity and motivation. I wrote a few postings on this blog already again (which I have been wanting to do for ages!) and I often have ideas for new posts or other stuff I want to try/make. That’s how I came up with the wish to make chocolate and granola bars.
  • feeling better. I am proud of myself that I have gone a few days with less mindless social media consumption.

Sounds pretty good so far, eh? Even a bit too good to be true ;)
I am looking forward to seeing how this journey unfolds for me. At the moment, a variety of different developments is imaginable to me.

My experience with my #reduceplastic challenge pt 2

A hand holding a cardboard box of noodles and a packet of chocolate.

Today, I went shopping for groceries. I wanted to check out what options with no plastic and less packaging in general there are.

First, I went to the farmers market. This is a pretty easy way to buy non-packaged stuff, often-times the food is even organic. I loaded up on veggies there, got some fruit and bread, as well as grape juice in a glass bottle.

Next, I stopped at the local organic supermarket. I was able to find some hearty spreads to go on top of the bread I bought, packaged in glass. They also had one of the chocolate brands that use biodegradable wrapping for their goods (info found here:
Sadly, they didn’t have any noodles in paper or cardboard. Maybe one of the packages was non-plastic, as it felt differently to the touch, but since there was no info on it, I didn’t buy it.

I went to a bigger supermarket, where I found noodles from the house-brand, packaged in cardboard box. Too bad that those noodles aren’t organic. Phew. Maybe it’s like with the vegetables – if they’re organic, they will be wrapped in plastic. If they are non-organic, they won’t have a plastic wrapping. I still haven’t understood why it’s necessary or meaningful to wrap the organic stuff in plastic, but I guess most people don’t buy organic, so at least less plastic gets bought that way… with the exception of those damn plastic bags they give away for free at the fruit & veggie section.

My conclusion so far: it’s possible to buy less plastic and less packaging. It feels a bit like when I went vegetarian (or vegan after that) – in the beginning, it seemed a bit difficult to find alternatives, but as soon as you knew about them, your shopping list changed a bit and from then on, you simply bought a few different items.

We’ll see how my experiment continues…

Making my own chocolate #reduceplastic

A piece of star-shaped chocolate on a plate.

I have found an inspiring blogpost about making chocolate yourself and tried it out today. Here’s the recipe:

Only three ingredients are needed: cocoa, coconut fat and powdered sugar. That means that you might be able to quickly make yourself some chocolate anytime you crave some, if you keep basic baking ingredients at home! That sounds pretty calming to me ;)

The process is easy, although it takes some time to melt and mix the ingredients. I was able to produce a pretty decent result, so everyone with minimal baking knowledge (reaaaally minimal) can do it too! Next time I will use syrup as sweetener instead of the powdered sugar to avoid having lumps of sugar in the finished chocolate.

My experience with my #reduceplastic challenge pt 1

Since deciding to reduce my plastic consumption starting in September, I have done a bit of research and thinking.

My first quest is to find alternatives to noodles and chocolate packaged in plastic.

So far, I have found out that there‘s a company from Austria called Wolf Nudeln which produces noodles packaged in paper/cardboard AND they offer vegan noodles (good old-fashioned durum wheat noodles ;)).

Also, I found a blogpost about chocolate without plastic wrapping, stating that there are some brands which use a bio-degradable plastic wrapping. The author even tried the bio-degradation for herself by burying the wrapping in her garden for some time and she was able to confirm the company’s claim.

Here‘s the blogpost:

I will visit the organic supermarkets that we have in town to see if they offer one of these brands. So far, it seems like good alternatives can be found.