my first tv show – W24

tomorrow, i’ll be the guest of a tv show for the first time in my life.

i was asked to attend a discussion on the topic of freeriding. thanks to Volker Hölzl of programat/Freeride Experience for recommending me!

the show is hosted by Gerhard Koller, with whom i’ve already talked about the show on the phone last week.

the show will be broadcasted on W24, which is a regional tv station in vienna.

as soon as i know the broadcast dates, i’ll post them. as far as i know at the moment, broadcasting will start next week, with a premiere and several reruns of the show over time.

W24 offers a livestream on its website and the show might also be available for viewing online for a while.

i’m looking forward to this experience. i’m excited and curios how it will feel to be on tv. i’m going to bring a bit of my equipment as well, which i will explain on the show.

i’ll keep you updated! keep your fingers crossed for me!

Sexism in Sports

at the moment, there is a discussion going on if there is too much sexism in sports.
how do you feel about sexism in sports? have you experienced any disadvantages? do sexist ads or sexist portrayal in the media disturb you?

i, personally, try to only buy from companies that don’t use sexist advertisements (for me this means either using sex to sell products or belittleing women) and that put the same knowledge and effort into making high quality products for men and women alike.

i would like to give you a few links to interesting articles on this topic, here they are:

“embracing their femininity”, Cori Schumacher:

“Has porn hijacked our boardsports culture?”, Sophie Friedel:

not related to sports, but still a very interesting read: “Can You Tell The Difference Between A Men’s Magazine And A Rapist?”, Anna North:

“‘little hoss’ and a call to action”, Cori Schumacher: