Girls ride Vienna

yesterday, a group of female longboarders met up in vienna to ride and have fun together. we started at the heldenplatz, did a photoshooting there, got kicked out afterwards ;) and then we proceeded to schwedenplatz, where icecream was bought for refreshment.

later, the girls rolled over to the donauninsel.

you can see all pictures, taken by Nicole Fleck, on our facebook page!

Longboard Girls Crew Austria

after getting together at some longboard jams organised by, a couple of girls from vienna decided to form a crew and organise our own jams.
recently, we founded the Longboard Girls Crew Austria – check out our facebook page:

also, there’s a closed facebook group specifically for discussing meetings etc in vienna – just apply and we will add you:

we’re proud to be a part of the International Longboard Girls Crew Network! thanks for welcoming us so kindly!

there also was a first jam already and today is our next meetup. once again, we will ride together in vienna, starting at the heldenplatz at 16:30, where we will do a photoshooting. here’s the facebook event for “Girls ride Vienna”:
our jams are aimed at both beginners and advanced riders, we want to have fun together and learn from each other!
don’t hesitate to show up, even if you have never ridden a longboard – you can borrow one and see if you like longboarding!

keep riding!