outdoortrophy 2017

A kayaker seen from above at the outdoortrophy 2013

A kayaker seen from above at the outdoortrophy 2013


the outdoortrophy 2017 will take place on august 12 in Vorarlberg. the outdoortrophy is an extreme sports competition, comprised of four disciplines: mountain running, paragliding, white water kayaking and mountain biking.
it is organized every other year and is considered the inofficial world championship.

this year, 3 all-female teams will accept the challenge, other women will compete in mixed teams or as single contestants.

i will travel to Vorarlberg for you to report about this special competition!

-> for more info, check out http://www.outdoortrophy.com/


Image Copyright: outdoortrophy.com / Markus Gmeiner

bmx masters 2011 – a look back

at the beginning of july, the bmx masters took place in cologne, germany. roman and me flew over to cologne on the 7th of july and i took part in the competition on saturday the 9th. i was very nervous when we first got to the contest site, but we immediately met two other ladies who were there to compete, rebecca berg and vanessa gerner. when they said that the park was very crowded, they were right. since my knee had been in a not so good condition because of practising a lot beforehand, i decided it would be better to only check out the park quickly and then not ride until the day of the competition.

roman and me checked out cologne, we saw lots of churches and old stones ;)

i had expected to be super nervous on saturday, but in fact, i felt pretty okay. when i arrived at the park, i met angie marino from the usa and saw all the other girls that had traveled all around the world just to take part in this contest – suddenly i felt rather awesome :)
it was a special feeling to get to know everyone and to be able to ride with some of the best female bmx riders in the world. it was impressive to see everyone’s skills and i felt really little and unimportant, haha – but nevertheless, i enjoyed the contest a lot and much to my own surprise, i was able to nail every trick except one in my first run. the second run went rather good aswell. i messed up my best trick, but i hope at least my effort to be the crowd pleaser for a few seconds was successful.
it felt so strange yet awesome that people cheered for me… people i had never met before.

i loved that feeling! i was excited and calm at the same time and i enjoyed my stay in cologne so much more from saturday on!
after our competition, i ran over to the flatland area to see my friend julia preuss from berlin compete against monika hinz and aleksandrine neumueller – they all gave their best and julia came in second in the end.

i was delighted when i saw the results – i came in 7th, which is a very good result for me personally!
thanks cologne for having me and cheers to all the ladies that competed at the bmx masters! it was a pleasure to meet you, i hope this will not be a one-time-in-my-life experience! :)

here are some of my pictures from our trip. for more stuff (pics, videos, articles) on the bmx masters, please visit mizzi.at!
also, here is a posting by julia preuss and here is a posting by camila harambour!



video by vanessa gerner:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYKF0cvT1D0]

BMX Master 2011

finally! here is the big look back at the girls classes at the bmx masters 2011! i have collected some links, pictures and videos for you.



1 – monika hinz (GER)
2 – julia preuss (GER)
3 – aleksandrine neumeuller (LUX)


1 – camila harambour (CHI)
2 – mini park (KOR)
3 – angie marino (USA)
4 – shanice silva cruz (NED)
5 – rebecca berg (GER)
6 – vanessa gerner (GER)
7 – stephanie posch (AUT)
8 – anna-luisa breil (GER)
9 – banu tekir (GER)
10 – lara lessmann (GER)


here’s a video by vanessa gerner! thanks vanessa for putting it together!


flatland video by monika hinz:

video of lara lessman:

video by 34R, featuring camila harambour:




more pictures from the contest itself:




articles in german:

http://www.funsporting.de/ (also includes pictures)

julia preuss blog

articles in english:
camila goddy harambour posted an entry on her blog

cooler magazine