Unicorn Picnic – Pretty Faces Trailer and Interview with Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer, the founder of the non-profit organization SheJumps, has been working hard on a special female ski film project. funded by the outcome of a kickstarter campaign, she brought together lots of footage to produce a documentary called “Pretty Faces”.

her goal is to provide girls and women with role models they can look up to, to encourage them and to give them a platform to showcase their skills.

“Although skiing is the focus of the film, we hope to showcase women’s on-hill success–from professional skiers to recreational enthusiasts–to inspire girls of all ages to pursue their dreams, walk the path less traveled, and reach their fullest potential, whatever path they choose.”

featured riders are Rachael Burks, Lynsey Dyer, Ingrid Backstrom, Elyse Saugstad, Angel Collinson, Nadia Samer and many, many more!

the movie will have its premiere on september 30th in boulder!


read an interview with Lynsey Dyer here:
-> http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/the-current/the-stream/Adding-More-XX-to-Adventure-Sports.html

video tour dates and more info on the flick can be found here:
-> http://unicornpicnic.com/

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-> http://www.skinet.com/skiing/articles/stomping-grounds-contest