Product Review: PIEPS Freerider Backpack

pieps freerider backpack

the PIEPS freerider is a 25 litre backpack, which weighs 1,5 kilograms. when i first got my hands on one of them, i was not sure how much i would like the backpack. after all, i had been using a dakine heli pro dlx for more than a year, which i really loved.
the dakine heli pro dlx is only a 20 litre bag, but due to a very clever system of storage options, it feels more like a 25 litre bag. i also like the straps, zippers and closures a lot, as well as the mounting options for a snowboard.

anyway, back to the PIEPS freerider backpack. a very nice feature here is the rear access compartment – you can open a zip at the back of the pack nearly all way round and that way get a wide opening. i like that you can access everything in the big compartment without having to dig through all of it, down to the bottom of the pack. i am also really fond of the stiff backpanel, because it not only offers protection for your spine but it also prevents the contents from forming a bump, sticking into your back. it keeps the backpack in shape.

the smaller pocket also has its special benefits: it contains a waterproof compartment, the perfect way to store a cell phone, car documents, ID cards or whatever you wish to keep dry.

my freerider backpack came with a helmet carry, which is perfect – the helmet can be fixed and is then hindered from swinging around. it always got on my nerves when my helmet hit me while i was walking. also, snow doesn’t get into the helmet that easily.

these are the features that really make this backpack stand out for me. of course it has a lot more, but i would consider those as standard. for example a compartment with soft lining for goggles, a height adjustable chest strap, safety gear compartment, options to carry a snowboard/skis/ice axe/ice tool…

you can find out more about this backpack at the PIEPS website!