game of skills 2011

the game of skills is a bmx flatland contest, taking place in vienna, austria. organized by michael sommer, this year’s issue of the contest will be held on may 14th, once again in the arena vienna. riders can compete in the classes master and pro.

the price money in total is 7000 euro, wow! after the contest, everyone can party like a pro for only 5 euro.



last year’s video:


bmx fun in april

julia preuss visited vienna in april. i recorded this combo just for fun – next time i will position myself much closer to her and use a decent camera, i promise!

i decided to try my luck at wallrides. i found this easy one, as it’s not very steep, and thought that it would be perfect for the first tries.
watch out for the thunderstorm-y sky!

roman and me went on a little daytrip to linz, where we met up with michel who sold me some used bike parts.
of course we met up at a skatepark, a very nice one, might i add! skatepark linz-urfahr, featuring “the boobie”

at the moment, i’m re-assembling my bike, adding all the new bike parts i purchased (wheels, fork, bars, sprocket), i also repainted the bars because i didn’t really like the black and purple the odyssey lumberjack came in. blue is my favourite color :)

let’s hope that my bike will be ready tonight and that the weather will be cooperative and allow me to try out my new setup!