mizzi. meets Actioncats


have you heard about ActionCats yet? ActionCats is a boardsports-club for women, run by women, based in styria, austria. the idea behind ActionCats is to encourage women to participate in boardsports, share information about equipment, travelling, spots, training and events, offer coaching days and provide women with a platform where they can get to know each other and network.
ActionCats was founded in early 2012 and since then, there have already been various boardsports events, for example a snowboard day on planneralm and a wake & wakesurf day at fetzysworld in steyregg.

if you want to find out what wakeboarding with ActionCats is like, check out this video:


planned activities for 2013 include a fotoshooting day at wakepark planksee, wakeboard pro coaching, a longboard day and a wakesurfcamp in marbach/lower austria.

you can find ActionCats on facebook:
-> https://www.facebook.com/ActionCats

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