Ladies Longboard Workshop Vienna Recap

on tuesday, the 13th of september, a group of women gathered at 5pm at the donauinsel in vienna for the ladies longboard workshop organized by fee bücheler from huegelherzblut. fee and her partner in crime, sophie friedel, were supported by sixxa, les ettes and smile at your sister.

after saying hello to everyone, we started a short but efficient warm up routine. then, everyone geared up, refilled water bottles and got ready to go. we crossed the bridge and rolled along the danube for some time, so fee and sophie got a chance to check out our riding – how secure we were, if everyone was able to push and to footbrake and so on.

afterwards, we split into 2 groups – one group worked on the more basic assets needed for longboarding like a proper pushing technique and secure footbraking. the other group went a bit uphill to practise turning as a means of speed control and the first steps towards sliding. we got good advice from our coaches and i think everyone learned something that evening :)

time flew by and it was getting dark already, when we stopped our sessions and got together for the final words and good byes. fee had a nice surprise for all the ladies – she brought goodie bags by les ettes, which included stuff like a sweet sixxa surprise, perfume by les ettes and an autographed poster of lisa filzmoser. a big thanks to fee and sophie for taking their time to teach us and ride together, it was a blast!

thanks to les ettes, sixxa and smile at your sister for the support! check out the gallery here! pics by nicole fleck, thanks for being our workshop photographer! also, read the following recaps aswell:
by sophie friedel
by fee bücheler
pics by sixxa can be found here!

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