International Women’s Day – Outstanding Women: Mitzi Albl

Since today is International Women’s Day, I wanted to introduce to you one of the outstanding women who paved the way for us sports enthusiasts, enabling us to ride a bike, skate, snowboard, surf and so on.

Members of the Grazer Damen Bicycle Club posing on their bikes for a photo
Elise Steininger, Vincenza Wenderich, Louise Sorg, Mitzi Albl, Louise Albl (v. l. n. r) Abb. in: Beiblatt der Radfahrchronik zum „Radfahrhumor“, Nr. 16, 1893, S. 539, Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek
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The woman I want to present is Mitzi Albl from Austria. She was one of the founding members of the Grazer Damen Bicycle Club (Ladies Bicycle Club Graz), which was founded in 1893 and was the first bicycle club for ladies in Austria, one of the first clubs in Europe in general.
1893 was a time where women still had to endure a lot of suppression. They were expected not to wear pants, not to sweat and in general, keep their attention to their work as housewives and mothers. Yet these women organized bike riding workshops for newbies, had a special club attire (including pants and modern caps!) and got together for group rides.


Through their courage to oppose the societys guidelines they cleared the way for women to use a bicycle as means of transportation, for working out and for fun.

For this, I want to thank Mitzi Albl and her peers! To show my gratitude, I named this blog after Ms Albl when I founded it in 2006.

May we cycle together into a future where nobody is suppressed because of their gender!