Dani’s Big (Mountain) Adventures – Couloir Poubelle

Daniela Hochmuth, a splitboarder / freerider from Austria, likes riding steep faces and narrow couloirs. So of course she has an interest in combining these aspects and try her hand at steep, narrow couloirs. After a notable ride through a steep couloir on the north face of the famous Wildseeloder in Fieberbrunn (see the video here) and a trip to ride steeps in Chamonix in april, Daniela is back with a video from another remarkable day – she successfully rode the Couloir Poubelle at the Aguille du Midi in Chamonix in june.

Besides being a great snowboarder, she also puts a lot of time and effort in running Protect Our Winters Austria, which is a group of outdoor devotees whose goal is to stop climate change, working together with the international Protect Our Winters initiative.

-> http://www.danielahochmuth.com/