During the Nordstau days, we spent some lovely hours freeriding with friends, playing it safe in flat terrain.
Freeriding at the Veitsch with friends
Riding the t-bar at the Veitsch

Snowboarding at out local resort in Lower Austria
Even our local resort in Lower Austria opened for two days!

Other than that, some things didn’t go as planned…
The FWQ** Grossglockner had to be postponed due to grim weather, I got sick in the meantime… but now I’m healthy again & looking forward to the next shredventures.

First thing on the list is a trip to sweet Fuerteventura for some surfing with Mellowmove.
Here’s a throwback to our last time on the island in 2016 ;)

Empty beach in Fuerteventura

First winter camping fun trip for this season

Last weekend, we finally made it to the mountains with Burli! We met up with our friends “Pacher’s on tour” (check them out on Instagram, Facebook and visit their website!) for some winter camping days. First, we visited the Gemeindealpe in Lower Austria (or, as us Lower Austrians call it, the “Gmoa Oim”) where we did some fun laps and enjoyed the view to the Ötscher, one of the most characteristic and highest mountains in Lower Austria.

Stephanie Jagl-Posch in front of a view of the Ötscher in Lower Austria
The Ötscher is incredible!

After that, we continued our trip to the Planneralm, which is always a safe bet for a good amount of natural snow. We have visited this rather small resort a lot of times already, because we dig the fact that they only have natural snow on the slopes. Also, the feeling up there is very raw and rural – after all day skiing guests have left and the lights in the few houses up there are on, it feels like winter wonderland straight from some kitschy fairy tale. Besides of riding on the slopes, the resort also offers a freeride area and out of bounds lots of terrain for freeriding and touring is available.

We indulged in snowboarding in the resort, freeriding, a splitboard tour up the Karlspitze and also went ninepin bowling – my first time, so far, I have only played tenpin bowling. Ninepin bowling was much harder for some reason, haha.
Then, the Pacher’s left in direction of Fetzy’s World for some ice bathing and running through fire (yes, the Pacher’s ARE a bit wild ;)), whereas Roman and I went for the softer version and visited the Grimming Therme for a decent after-ride-chill.

Roman Jagl walking in a snowy forest on his splitboard
Roman hiking towards Karlspitze on his splitboard.

A wintertime view of the Planneralm
Looking back towards the Planneralm ski resort on our way to the Karlspitze.

Who is Burli?

Burli, the campervan, parking in front of a mountain in Spain

After getting infected with the camper virus by our dear friends Pachers on tour, we bought our first campervan in 2015, together with Romans parents.
The campervan had been named “Burli” by the previous owners and the name stuck with us.

Burli, the campervan, parking on the camping municipal of Le Pin Sec
Burli 1 on the Camping Le Pin Sec.

After 2 years together with Burli, we got the chance to upgrade and buy another, also used but newer, campervan.

Burli, the campervan, parking in front of a mountain in Spain
The new Burli enjoying the view in the Pyrenees in Spain.

waka waka, eh eh – progressing in wakeboarding

you may know about me that i was an avid wakeboarder a few years ago. i even took part in some cable wakeboarding contests despite my quite novice status. and it was great fun and a wonderful experience.
Goofing around before my run at the Corona Wakeboard Cup in Vienna in 2011
goofing around before my run at the Corona Wakeboard Cup in Vienna in 2011

then somehow my interest in wakeboarding decreased. i was still using the same board since beginning to ride and due to the fact that we lived in vienna at that time, the viennese cable was the place i visited most to ride. it’s a nice cable with a relaxing surrounding, but there are only a few obstacles, which meant that i hardly got the chance to practice on obstacles. i could have learned the perfect raley there, but let’s face it – i’m too much of a wuss for that and not interested in taking hard falls :D
after moving to the countryside, i was even further away from the next cable and due to my old board, whenever i rode i had difficulties to slide all the way over a box and always thought it was solely my own fault. how wrong was i!
late last summer i borrowed the board of a friend and suddenly noticed how easy it was to master the slide over the whole box!
at the beginning of this year i decided to finally get myself a new setup. i found a good deal on a used setup and travelled to vienna to meet up with the woman selling it. it turned out that one of her co-workers was a wakeboard buddy of mine from my days in vienna.
she had bought the board last year, thinking she’d want to pick up wakeboarding, but then coming to the conclusion that she’d very much rather stick to kiteboarding.
that way, i got my hands on a good as new ronix quarter til midnight and ronix limelight bindings.
i had to wait a few months to try out my new treasures, but when i eventually hit the water, i was stoked.
the setup felt so much like “mine” and i got used to the new board quickly.
of course we had to go wakeboarding more frequently from then on and i’m very happy that i was able to make huge progress since then.
i especially enjoyed our trip to the newly opened Cable 7 Wakepark in Treviso in Italy. we joined the Pachers there for a few days.
we were allowed to camp next to the lake, where we had enough space to set up our hammock and slackline.
we were able to just chill in the hammock and watch other people ride the cable.

Picture of the Cable 7 Wakepark in Treviso, Italy
this is Cable 7 in Treviso – beautiful, right? :)

Picture of our camp site at the Cable 7 in Treviso
deluxe camping next to the lake

Stephanie Jagl-Posch wakeboarding

nowadays i’m doing my first tricks on sliders like boardslides or 180 offs, trying out new obstacles that i had never dared to ride before and i have overall gained a lot of confidence in my own abilities!
i’m beyond stoked on how much fun wakeboarding is again for me and can only recommend trying it out to everyone who is interested in it!
a good starting place are the Action Cats wakeboard camps or of course Fetzysworld!

travelling birds.

since july, roman, his parents and i are the proud owners of a campervan.
we didn’t make the decision light-heartedly, roman and i had been thinking about it for a long time. pondering about the costs, the endowment we would like to have, the maximum age and kilometers we would accept and the downsides of travelling in a camper as well as the financial commitment involved.
we had already been on a few camping trips and since we overall mostly liked the experience, we decided to start searching for a campervan after romans parents agreed to also invest in the camper, so they can use it as well.
the search ultimately started in may and it took us until late june to finally find a nice vehicle. campervans are very requested, so you have to be fast to score a good one.
we found “burli” (the name the previous owners gave the campervan) at a local camper shop, we checked it out on the same day and agreed to buy it the next day.
it was a quick decision and so far i can only say it was a good one.
burli is about 12 years old but in very good shape, on the inside as well as on the exterior.
we upgraded the camper with a solar panel to supply us with enough power to be able to spend a remote night.
luckily, the camper already came with a built-in ski storage including a drain, as well as with a bike rack.
we have already travelled with burli, visiting friends and family, and went for a 3-week-surftrip to france, spain and portugal. read more about that in the next blog post!
so far, it’s a dream come true for us and we cannot wait to go on many more adventures.

Surf Camp Review: Planet Surf in Fuerteventura.

Planet Surf Camps

Planet Surf Camps

on the 4th of september, we had an early start into the day at 3am. while it was dark, we drove to the airport to catch our flights, first to madrid and then to fuerteventura. the target of our trip was corralejo, a small town in the north of the island, well-known as a place for vacations in a never ending summer. the temperatures hardly ever drop below 20 degrees and it only rains on about 20 days a year. this is also the reason why there’s only a minimal amount of plantation, making a big part of the island look like the sahara or how one would imagine the surface of the moon.

i had wanted to go to fuerteventura even before i started surfing, so when i got the invitation to come visit the planet surf camp on the island, i didn’t need to think about it for long. for sure i was going!
and there we were, rolling our hand luggage towards the gate at the airport. we both had managed to fit a long, thick wetsuit as well as booties and the most necessary clothing into small suitcases, so we were able to save a bit of money.
after two flights, we safely arrived at the airport in fuerteventura and caught the bus number 3 to puerto del rosario. there, we changed buses at the estacion del guaguas (terminal autobus station) and went to corralejo with bus number 6.
we didn’t know the right station to get off the bus, so we had to walk about one kilometer to the surfcamp.

now we know the way – instructions to get to the surfhouse:

if you get to corralejo, there’s a big abandoned building site to the right, get off the bus at the next roundabout after that and then walk straight ahead for about 3 minutes. after coming past a shopping center with a supermarket, take the first road to the left into a private apartment area. this is urbanicazion royal park and the surfcamp resides in the houses 7, 8 and 9. you’re welcome ;)

Foto 1
a part of the outdoor area at the surf house.

at the surfhouse, we were greeted by Nina, one of the teamers at that time. she gave us all the info we needed about the camp and our room.
next, we went to check out the town and get something to eat and then hung out at the house for the rest of the day.

Foto 3
one of the bedrooms at the surfhouse.

on the next day, we had our first surf session at el cotillo, which is a long beach break. we joined the beginner group, so surf instructor olly could check our surf level. we luckily made it into the intermediate course for the next week, horray!

Foto 2a
Foto 1a
surfing at el cotillo

we spent the weekend surfing in el cotillo on our own. planet surf allows you to borrow surfboards which are not used by courses on the current day for free, which is a good opportunity to get more sessions in, especially on the weekends where the surf instructors have their well-deserved days off.

Foto 5
time to load all surfboards onto the vans!

during the next week, we had a surf session each day with instructor marco from italy and were able to check out many different spots. on our last day, the waves were not good during our session in the morning, so olly thankfully squeezed us into another surf session in the afternoon so we could catch some waves before leaving.


about the planet surf camp surfhouse in fuerteventura:

  • the surf house is the meeting point for all surf course participants.
  • there is a big dining room, which features two small kitchens, where you can prepare all of your meals and also store groceries in cupboards and fridges.
  • every house has a terrace on the first floor, which enables you to spend a bit of quiet time.
  • the outdoor area features a swimming pool, a ping pong table, a barbeque, a pool table, a huge table for about 30 people, a pool table, a bar and some beds and bean bags for lounging.
  • in the garage you’ll find the board storage. soon, you will also find a few longboards and bikes to rent there.
  • the surf board quiver includes lots of soft tops for beginners, a few intermediate hard boards (bic boards and the like, old and new) as well as a selection of shortboards for advanced riders.
  • the surfhouse just moved into the new houses, so most of the furniture is brand new and the rooms have had a makeover. currently, some final touches are being made.
  • the surfhouse is aimed towards younger people, so of course there will be a bit of partying. usually it was quiet at the house by 1am the latest, because the staff is making sure that it’s not too loud too long and send people to the bars in town instead (“everybody get out, get out, get out! we’re going to banana bar!”). if you’re more keen on getting a good night of sleep in, try to book a room not next to the dining area in the main house. also, maybe bring earplugs. i have to say i’m a bit sensitive to noise and i prefer to go to bed rather early, because i want to be able to surf properly during my holidays, but i never was deprived of sleep by noisy party people. it’s not like ballermann in your room ;)
  • the surf lessons for the next day will be written upon a whiteboard each night.
  • the groups consist of 8 people maximum. this ensures that the surf instructors can take care of everyone in detail, to enable everybody to learn as much as possible and feel safe.


Foto 4a


my personal opinion of the planet surf camp surfhouse:

the surf instructors try to make it a great experience for everyone and the whole surf house team helps to make the most of your stay. the surf house is brand new and has a great price-performance ratio. there are many options for activities beside surfing, in the surf house as well as in corralejo and in fuerteventura in general.

if you prefer to have a more quiet holiday, you might be happier living at one of the various appartment options that planet surf offers and just joining for the surf course.


recommendations for fuerteventura:

  • find out at home what bus lines you might need to reach your desired spots. there are no line numbers to be found at the bus stations.
  • you are allowed to put surfboards into the baggage compartment of the buses, just make sure they don’t get damaged. if you give the bus driver a friendly wave after taking the surfboards out, he might even greet you goodbye with a honk. don’t be sad, only the little train gets two honks! ;)
  • get your hands on a surf spot map. it should be available at the surf shops in town and includes info about the best conditions to ride at each spot as well as a tide timetable.
  • if you want to rent a car for surfing in corralejo, go to autos hernandez. the other companies don’t rent to surfers. the best idea might be to check where you can rent a car for surfing before starting your trip and maybe rent a car at the airport already.
  • to get to el cotillo: if you go by car, you can keep driving until you reach the last part of the beach with a long, steep stairset leading down from the parking lot.
    if you go by bus (number 8 from the roundabout on the main street of corralejo), you can get off the bus at the first station directly after entering the town. it’s a 25 minute walk from there to the beach.
  • in case you want to spend a day just hanging out at the beach, you can walk to flag beach from corralejo, it will take you about half an hour and the sand beach there is a lot nicer than the rocky town beach. you will be able to see this beach when going to corralejo from the airport, it is next to the two big hotel buildings standing on their own shortly before corralejo.


some tips for vegans:

  • it might be good to know that there are hardly any savoury plant-based spreads available in corralejo. the spar in the big shopping center on the main street carries hummus, in hiperdinos you can get peanut butter chocolate spread and one vegan margarine. there’s a big variety of fruits and veggies available and some exotic fruits are even grown locally on the canaries like bananas and mangos. you should absolutely try those!
  • we found plenty of plant based milks in the supermarkets, even vegan yoghurt.
  • the best places to eat out were single fin (creative burgers, run by two friends from italy, with surfmovies being played on a screen outside the bar) and big wave (an italian restaurant with a huge variety of vegan toppings and nice waiters).
    aside from single fin and big wave, you might be able to get vegan options at the mexican restaurant as well as the indian restaurants.



mellowwien goes mellowmove 2012


from june 6th until 13th, we spent a week in portugal at the mellowmove surfcamp. we had already been there in 2010 and loved it, so it was a no-brainer to decide to visit sao lourenco again.

here is my holiday diary from our stay:

we arrived in lissabon at 5pm local time and got picked up by gregor and christoph. after an one hour drive, we got to the mellowmove camp in sao lourenco.
for dinner that day was a noodle salad.

thursday, 7th of june:
had breakfast at 9, went to peniche at 10 and stayed there till 5. tried to get back into it but got exhausted soon.
in the evening we went to eat sushi. the vegetarian sushi plates were really creative and tasty, just a bit too sparse for my appetite that night ;)

friday, 8th of june:
went to peniche again, before surfing checked out the waves at the world-famous spot supertubos.
was able to ride more than on thursday. everything felt better from the first try on. managed to catch about 5 waves and properly take off & ride 3 of them. after not really getting the hang of it in 2010 and on monday, i was really stoked after that session.
in the evening medi cooked for us: ratatouille with soychunks, breaded rice-cheese balls (!) and salad. very good!

saturday & sunday:
no surfing.
the crew cleaned the house and we accompanied peter on his recycling tour. as a reward for that, we visited the quiksilver store in ericeira. what an amazing shop! i was blown away when we entered by the overall greatness of it. huge shop and on the ceiling it has a conveyor belt transporting surfboards in a circle.
the best thing is situated behind the building: a decent concrete skatepark with a big bowl.
i wished i had my bike at hand when i saw that…
saturday night is bbq time, so at 8pm the (quite luxurios) bbq got heated up and medi prepared vegetable skewers for us, aswell as 2 different types of hummus (with honey and with red beet), guacamole (not for me sadly, avocado gives me belly ache :/ so i didn’t even try it) and 2 salads.

on sunday, we went down to the beach and had breakfast at the beach bar. afterwards we went home and did nothing…
later on, medi showed us how to repair dings and i got to sand one of the dings in marc’s board. after ding repair workshop, we went to the old town center of ericeira for some sight seeing/shopping.
it’s a really lovely town, with narrow alleyways, lots of tiles on the houses and stoney paths, laundry hanging outside to dry and a group of elder people sitting right next to the church, chatting away loudly. i bought myself the current issue of surfgirl magazine. maybe if i put it underneath my pillow over night, i’ll be able to ride like the pros in the mag?
in the evening we went to ribheira d’ilhas beach to get pizza. i have never seen a place like that beach bar. it looked like how i imagine burning man or ibiza ;)
a mix of goa party location and hippie shack.
the pizza cook there is originally from belgium, he chatted with us in at least 3 different languages (portugues, english, german) and i’m sure he knows many more. he said he’s a really lucky guy, living and working at his favourite wave in the whole world.
his co-pilot was a young lady who was really friendly. she even brought us a thin mushroom pizza as a starter for free.
we immediately felt welcome there.

the beach club has a balcony where we sat down to eat our pizza, while watching the surfers in the water. i had a rucola pizza with nuts and olives. the pizza dough was more like flammkuchen, the pizza as a whole was pretty tasty, not the best i’ve ever had, but together with the very special nice atmosphere it scored 10/10 points.

can’t wait to surf again tomorrow!

monday, 11th of june:
went to praia azul at 3pm, surfed whitewater. was pretty okay.

tuesday, 12th of june:
went to praia azul at 2pm, whitewater once again, but the current was even stronger this time.
managed to do my first backside curve, but focussed more on my position on the board and doing proper take offs. twisted my knee a bit later on and decided to call it a day then.

goodbye portugal, see you soon!
yours truly,