Hello Julbo Eyewear!

a short time ago, i got offered a sponsorship by Julbo, a company founded by Jules Baud in france more than 125 years ago, that manufactures glasses, sunglasses, goggles and helmets. they have heroes in their team like skier Glen Plake or climber Ines Papert. of course i was happy about this offer and agreed.
on the second of january, just before we headed to Großarl, i received a package from Julbo, containing 2 goggles (Orbiter and Eclipse), 1 pair of sunglasses (Suspect) and 1 helmet (Dune).
Julbo Glasses & Helmet
glasses from top to bottom: Julbo Eclipse, Julbo Suspect, Julbo Orbiter. Julbo Dune helmet.
i’m going to give a short feedback on the products, in case you’re interested in getting new equipment.
i have tested them on the slopes, as well as when freeriding and on splitboard tour.
the goggles both sit very comfortably, also perfectly in combination with the helmet, offering a rather wide view. both glasses adjust to the lightness automatically. the Zebra Light glasses are suited for a weather range of partly sunny to overcast or foggy. the Zebra glasses are good on days where the weather lies between sunshine and slightly overcast conditions.
the visibility is very clear. i have so far never had glasses that adjust to the lightness and i was positively surprised at how well the adjustment works! no changing of glasses anymore, that’s really nice!
the goggles are permanently ventilated, which is an important feature in my book.
the helmet is rather lightweight, offering a cozy fit. the size can be finetuned by the turn of a wheel on the back of the helmet – i love that! no matter if i’m wearing a skull cap or nothing underneath, i can adjust the helmet to a tight fit in the matter of a second.
the sunglasses are as light as a feather. they feel very durable. we will see, how they hold up over time, but i’m positive.
they sit snugly, which means they don’t shake around when moving, but still they don’t press into the temples of my face. this is important, because when i go on a splitboard tour and the weather is good, i usually will be wearing the sunglasses for 2 to 3 hours. if the sunglasses start to hurt, you have to wear them over a headband or beanie to avoid pain. this causes a looser fit and more movement of the sunglasses, which is not very desireable.
to sum it up, i’m very satisfied with the products i received and will happily use them whenever i go ride.
thanks Julbo for your trust and support!
-> visit the Julbo website

Product Review: PIEPS Freerider Backpack

pieps freerider backpack

the PIEPS freerider is a 25 litre backpack, which weighs 1,5 kilograms. when i first got my hands on one of them, i was not sure how much i would like the backpack. after all, i had been using a dakine heli pro dlx for more than a year, which i really loved.
the dakine heli pro dlx is only a 20 litre bag, but due to a very clever system of storage options, it feels more like a 25 litre bag. i also like the straps, zippers and closures a lot, as well as the mounting options for a snowboard.

anyway, back to the PIEPS freerider backpack. a very nice feature here is the rear access compartment – you can open a zip at the back of the pack nearly all way round and that way get a wide opening. i like that you can access everything in the big compartment without having to dig through all of it, down to the bottom of the pack. i am also really fond of the stiff backpanel, because it not only offers protection for your spine but it also prevents the contents from forming a bump, sticking into your back. it keeps the backpack in shape.

the smaller pocket also has its special benefits: it contains a waterproof compartment, the perfect way to store a cell phone, car documents, ID cards or whatever you wish to keep dry.

my freerider backpack came with a helmet carry, which is perfect – the helmet can be fixed and is then hindered from swinging around. it always got on my nerves when my helmet hit me while i was walking. also, snow doesn’t get into the helmet that easily.

these are the features that really make this backpack stand out for me. of course it has a lot more, but i would consider those as standard. for example a compartment with soft lining for goggles, a height adjustable chest strap, safety gear compartment, options to carry a snowboard/skis/ice axe/ice tool…

you can find out more about this backpack at the PIEPS website!