PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting, Stubaier Gletscher, 01.11.2012

you may remember that we attended the motherland camp by Die Bergstation (read my posting about that here) at the Tauplitz in Upper Austria in january. besides enjoying 3 days of riding insane amounts of fresh powder, we got to know a couple of very nice people there too, for example Stephan Skrobar – professional skier (Fischer Freeride Team, skiguide), Die Bergstation guide and overall funny dude.

in summer, i got an unexpected call from Stephan. he told me about some interesting new developments that have taken place – PIEPS, the market leader in avalanche rescue equipment, was thinking about starting up a freeride team. Stephan was now looking for riders for that team, which was the reason why he called me – he asked me if i’d be interested in being a part of the PIEPS freeride team. since i am convinced that the PIEPS DSP is the best avalanche beacon around, i said yes immediately.

preparing my snowboarding stuff for the first time this year felt goooooooood.

fast forward to november 1st: at 9 am we met up at the valley station of the Gondelbahn Eisgrat, at the Stubaier Gletscher. i got introduced to everyone and was a bit blown away by all the names that i heard there – many of them i had heard before, as they belonged to pro skiers & snowboarders who were competing in the freeride world tour and/or filming every season, for example Liz Kristoferitsch, Lorraine Huber, Martin McFly Winkler or Björn Heregger.
but there was no time for being starstruck ;) off to the gondola & up the mountain we went.

we met next to the funpark and Gregor Krenn from PIEPS started the instruction. we learned about how avalanche beacons work, why sometimes the results are better than in other situations and what products PIEPS has to offer. we tested the distance until we received the first signal from a beacon in different positions and talked about strategies in avalanche rescue. we got the chance to try for example the brand new PIEPS iProbe – a great tool to find avalanche victims much faster, which i will happily include in my equipment.

PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting

time flew by and suddenly it was time to leave the glacier again. after a fun ride down, we met at the Alpenhotel Fernau in Neustift.
we continued the training there and also talked about the future of the PIEPS freeride team. then it was time to say goodbye again…

Roman helped me apply the PIEPS freeride team sticker to my splitboard.

i am really stoked to be part of the PIEPS freeride team, together with all these awesome people. i’m looking forward to the upcoming season.

my plan is to compete in the Open Faces Freeride Series, at least at the X-Over Ride tourstopp at the Kitzsteinhorn, but hopefully also at one other event.
other than that, i wish to ride as much as possible, to go splitboarding a lot & have a funny season with my riding buddies, without any injuries.
i want to improve a lot and experience new things.

have a good season!

-> http://www.pieps.com/

holidays and other fun things

we’ve been on holidays in august, 2 weeks were spent camping, wakeboarding, hiking and enjoying life in general. here’s my report!

our first stop was in upper austria in linz. we went wakeboarding at the ausee, at the jetlake and visited fetzy at his private wakeboard lake. i survived my first backroll attempts there ;)


camping linz.

camping linz.

after that, we paid a visit to salzburg. first, we checked out salzburg city, where we were able to stay at my sisters flat. we did some sight seeing, cycled around town and gave downhill mountainbiking a shot. the chosen track was definitely too hard & scary for me, but i enjoyed trying something new. if i had the time & money, i could absolutely see myself riding mtb aswell.
on our last day, we went to see the almwelle. this is a riversurfing spot in salzburg. since we don’t own a riversurf board, we thought why not try it with a wakeskate? funnily, it worked out and we were both able to ride a little bit. what a great, fun sport! i wish we had a riversurf spot in vienna aswell!


mtb test
mountainbiking. i was scared and didn’t dare to ride down the course. later on, my sister informed me that 5 years ago she didn’t dare to ride the track aswell and that it’s not suitable for beginners… ;)
good that i didn’t fall in love with it, i can’t afford picking up a new hobby… and mountainbikes are fucking expensive aswell.

riversurfing in salzburg! (that’s someone else on the picture) it was fun! i never thought we’d be able to ride this with a wakeskate (which is too short and doesn’t have enough volume at all to surf), but we did it. yeah, haha! (check out the funny dog on the right!)

board repair
repairing my wakeboard at my sisters flat… surprisingly, it held up and it’s still okay :)

after a few days it was time to leave the city again. off to zell am see we went. we’ve been there a lot of times already and everytime again we are overwhelmed with how beautiful this place is.
we found a GREAT camping site (it was so luxurious they even had music blasting in the bathrooms ;)) with a small lake and were able to enjoy our stay there a lot. we went hiking twice, altough it was super hot. the highlight was the wasserfall weg (waterfall hike) at the grossglockner hochalpenstrasse. dreiwallnerhoehe (= maiskogel) was very nice aswell, the view was great, but all in all not as superb as the waterfall.

we went hiking on the wasserfallweg near the grossglockner. summer heat & waterfall = good idea!

the waterfall

underneath the waterfall



pointing random shit out.


fed goats in the valley after the hike <3

that’s the kitzsteinhorn.

on the next day, we hiked up to the dreiwallnerhoehe. it was too fucking hot, so we decided to ditch walking to the valley and took the gondola instead.

our final destination was germany. while the scenery was not able to hold up against sweet salzburg, the wakeboard park was A-MA-ZING!
they have 2 cables there, one runs clockwise, the other one counter-clockwise. it was a funny feeling to ride a clockwise turning cable.
both cables offer various obstacles, so we could widen our obstacle experience a bit.

turncable. thannhausen, germany. a one of a kind wakeboard park.

the second camping we stayed at in germany. the first one was pure shit. this one here was great! really beautiful.

sunset at the lake at the camping :) i mean… awww!

roman cooking our last camping dinner.

turncable once again on our last day.



after those great days, we went back home.
luckily, we are still able to enjoy some sweet late summer days, for example 3 weeks ago, when we went longboarding in lower austria:

longboarding lower austria, 2012

i hope autumn will offer good weather for various outdoor activities. i plan to go longboarding as much as possible, go hiking a lot, maybe also climbing outdoors, because i want to be in the best shape ever for the upcoming winter. we have lots of plans already and can’t wait for winter.

trash bike transformation.

on sunday, i finally had time to work on the race bike that i pulled out of the trash earlier this year. i took off all parts that i don’t want to use anymore, for example the brakes, the rest of the old bell, the old lighting or the lock. i also mounted the bars properly.
now i need to order some new parts. the biggest issue is exchanging the sprocket. the bike now has 2 sprockets in front and 5 in the back.
i plan to change this to one smaller sprocket in the front.

i don’t know yet if this will work out or not, since i have never worked on a bike with gears.

we’ll see…

corona wakeboard cup 2012 @ the jetlake


on july 14th, i competed in the corona wakeboard cup at the jetlake in upper austria. the jetlake is a beautiful lake near linz, which features lots of obstacles, nice people and other attractions like beachvolleyball, trampoline, and lots more.

sadly, the weather was pretty bad. it was cool and rainy the whole day.

i arrived with my mother (my driver and coach for the day ;)) shortly before 8am. i took the chance to warm up and get used to the cable between 8 and 9 am.
afterwards it was time for the riders meeting, where the judges and organizers explained the rules and timetable of the day.

the qualifications started. in the open ladies class, everyone proceeded directly to the finals, because we were only 5 women. this was good, because it took away the stressful part of the qualification run.

the startlist for the first final run.

i really dislike waiting, i am an impatient person. the nearer the open ladies finals came, the more nervous i got. the good thing was
that as soon as i started from the dock, i felt relaxed and confident again.
i completed my first run successfully, landing an ollie tailgrab, a backside surface 360, a frontside ollie 180 aswell as a switch
frontside ollie 180 and an indy grab over the kicker.

i was content with my first run, so i decided that i could risk more in my second run.
i had never before tried to ride an obstacle other than a kicker, but my team mate rené rappl insisted that i should give the funbox a
try… and so i did. what can i say? i rode the damn thing and everything went well! :)
i landed everything in my second run.

i placed 5th. taking into consideration that i haven’t been riding for a long time and that we sadly don’t have any obstacles in vienna at my
homecable except for 2 kickers, i am very, very happy with my performance.

thanks to my team from AWC VIENNA!

now all i wanna do is ride obstacles! ;)



overall standings:

national currently 5th:


international currently 46th:

mellowwien goes mellowmove 2012


from june 6th until 13th, we spent a week in portugal at the mellowmove surfcamp. we had already been there in 2010 and loved it, so it was a no-brainer to decide to visit sao lourenco again.

here is my holiday diary from our stay:

we arrived in lissabon at 5pm local time and got picked up by gregor and christoph. after an one hour drive, we got to the mellowmove camp in sao lourenco.
for dinner that day was a noodle salad.

thursday, 7th of june:
had breakfast at 9, went to peniche at 10 and stayed there till 5. tried to get back into it but got exhausted soon.
in the evening we went to eat sushi. the vegetarian sushi plates were really creative and tasty, just a bit too sparse for my appetite that night ;)

friday, 8th of june:
went to peniche again, before surfing checked out the waves at the world-famous spot supertubos.
was able to ride more than on thursday. everything felt better from the first try on. managed to catch about 5 waves and properly take off & ride 3 of them. after not really getting the hang of it in 2010 and on monday, i was really stoked after that session.
in the evening medi cooked for us: ratatouille with soychunks, breaded rice-cheese balls (!) and salad. very good!

saturday & sunday:
no surfing.
the crew cleaned the house and we accompanied peter on his recycling tour. as a reward for that, we visited the quiksilver store in ericeira. what an amazing shop! i was blown away when we entered by the overall greatness of it. huge shop and on the ceiling it has a conveyor belt transporting surfboards in a circle.
the best thing is situated behind the building: a decent concrete skatepark with a big bowl.
i wished i had my bike at hand when i saw that…
saturday night is bbq time, so at 8pm the (quite luxurios) bbq got heated up and medi prepared vegetable skewers for us, aswell as 2 different types of hummus (with honey and with red beet), guacamole (not for me sadly, avocado gives me belly ache :/ so i didn’t even try it) and 2 salads.

on sunday, we went down to the beach and had breakfast at the beach bar. afterwards we went home and did nothing…
later on, medi showed us how to repair dings and i got to sand one of the dings in marc’s board. after ding repair workshop, we went to the old town center of ericeira for some sight seeing/shopping.
it’s a really lovely town, with narrow alleyways, lots of tiles on the houses and stoney paths, laundry hanging outside to dry and a group of elder people sitting right next to the church, chatting away loudly. i bought myself the current issue of surfgirl magazine. maybe if i put it underneath my pillow over night, i’ll be able to ride like the pros in the mag?
in the evening we went to ribheira d’ilhas beach to get pizza. i have never seen a place like that beach bar. it looked like how i imagine burning man or ibiza ;)
a mix of goa party location and hippie shack.
the pizza cook there is originally from belgium, he chatted with us in at least 3 different languages (portugues, english, german) and i’m sure he knows many more. he said he’s a really lucky guy, living and working at his favourite wave in the whole world.
his co-pilot was a young lady who was really friendly. she even brought us a thin mushroom pizza as a starter for free.
we immediately felt welcome there.

the beach club has a balcony where we sat down to eat our pizza, while watching the surfers in the water. i had a rucola pizza with nuts and olives. the pizza dough was more like flammkuchen, the pizza as a whole was pretty tasty, not the best i’ve ever had, but together with the very special nice atmosphere it scored 10/10 points.

can’t wait to surf again tomorrow!

monday, 11th of june:
went to praia azul at 3pm, surfed whitewater. was pretty okay.

tuesday, 12th of june:
went to praia azul at 2pm, whitewater once again, but the current was even stronger this time.
managed to do my first backside curve, but focussed more on my position on the board and doing proper take offs. twisted my knee a bit later on and decided to call it a day then.

goodbye portugal, see you soon!
yours truly,

baby steps in mountaineering

to do something against my fear of falling from heights and to build up more stamina and strength, i’m planning to go hiking as much as possible this summer. i also want to check out some via ferratas (via ferrate?) and hopefully do a special climbing course for angst-ridden people like me who still just can’t stay away from the mountains.

roman and me already started the hiking season. on sunday, we did a small tour up the hainfelder kirchenberg, on tuesday (hurrah for bank holidays!) we climbed the hohe wand via the springlessteig.
today i bought myself proper hiking socks (at least i hope so) – if the weather approves, i’ll try them out on sunday where we would like to check out the drobilsteig on the hohe wand.

3 weeks camping trip through europe – video #1

this year, roman and me chose to do something different for our summer holidays: we rented a caravan and drove nearly 7000 kilometers through south europe. before i post about the trip in detail, i wanted to show 2 videos we made.
here is video number one: me, goofing around with my bmx on one of the camping places we stayed at. this was in “el escorial” in spain. enjoy!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/16023034]

…this line is just a joke of course. we just had a good time and tried to make the most of what we had to ride there.