“Die Freireiter”, Andreas Prielmaier and Thomas Mayer, met up with Sonnia Höffken, who is an avid yogini and freerider, in La Grave. The guys were skeptical at first, but after sharing some incredible runs with Sonnia (SkiYo – feel the flow! ®), they found the positive effects of yoga for skiers intriguing.

Can you “Feel The Flow” as well?

-> https://skiyo.de/
-> https://www.diefreireiter.de/

The Uninvited

“The Uninvited” is an all-girls snowboard movie by the very talented snowboarder Jess Kimura. Jess produced, directed and funded this video, showcasing the great skills of snowboarders that she believes are the future of snowboarding.

The riders are:

Maria Thomsen, Miyon Yamaguchi, Kennedi Deck, Taylor Elliott, Darrah Reid, Alexa McCarty, Ylfa Runars, Karin Onozaki, Ivika Jurgenson, Laura Munro, Melissa Riitano, Anniina Perhovaara, & Madison Blackley.

Shades of Winter FilmFest to start on December 10, 2018 in Munich!

Shades of Winter FilmFest 2018 Poster - dates: Munich 10.12.2018; Vienna 11.12.2018; Salzburg 12.12.2018; Innsbruck 13.12.2018

Shades of Winter launches its first ever FilmFest – you will be able to watch 8 to 10 snow movies, for example Shades of Winter “Connects” or “Now or Never” by Nadine Wallner in various cities throughout Europe.

Also, meeting the athletes like Julia Mancuso, Nadine Wallner or Lorraine Huber will be possible at the tourstops.


The dates are:

FilmFest Munich
10.12.2018 – 19 Uhr
Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor

FilmFest Vienna
11.12.2018 – 19 Uhr
Stadtkino Wien

FilmFest Salzburg
12.12.2018 – 19.30Uhr
Mozartkino Salzburg

FilmFest Innsbruck
13.12.2018 – 19 Uhr
Metropol Multiplex Innsbruck

-> http://www.shades-of-winter.com/filmfest/

Girls Shred Sessions 2018/19

Girls Shred Sessions are back for another season of awesome freestyle snowboard and ski clinics!

Girls Shred Sessions Poster. Dates 2018/19: 15. Dezember 2018 Obergurgl; 02. Februar 2019 Planai; 16. Februar 2019 Mayrhofen; 02. März 2019 Alta Badia; 09. März 2019 Hochkönig

The dates are:

15. Dezember 2018 – Girls Who Ride Session by Nikita Clothing in Obergurgl
02. Februar 2019 – Blue Tomato Girls Day auf der Planai
16. Februar 2019 – Girls Shred Session in Mayrhofen
02. März 2019 – Girls Shred Session in Alta Badia
09. März 2019 – Blue Tomato Girls Day am Hochkönig

All info can be found on their website:
-> https://www.girlsshredsessions.com/

Welcome to the relaunched mizzi.at!


You have reached mizzi.at and a lot has changed here.

This website was started in 2006 by me, Stephanie Jagl-Posch. The aim was to support female action sports athletes by providing them with a platform where their news, photos and videos got shared.

I ran a personal blog separately, where I wrote about my own experiences as an outdoor enthusiast and amateur athlete.

In 2017, I was not happy with mizzi.at and my personal blog in their current form anymore. I was also looking for a place to share stuff about my job in the field of web development.

After taking mizzi.at offline and going on a hiatus from 2017 to 2018, I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to strive towards creating a collective home for support for female action sports athletes, for my personal blog as well as for insights into the life of a web developer.

So here we are – I hope you enjoy your stay on my website!

outdoortrophy 2017 – it’s a wrap!

Ludmila Sidlova in her kayak at the outdoortrophy 2017

The outdoortrophy 2017 has successfully taken place on saturday, the 12th of august, in the beautiful Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg.
It had rained in Vorarlberg since thursday, so the conditions were very difficult and the decision to postpone the start for a few hours turned out to be very smart.
The paragliders had bad luck, the weather didn’t get better fast enough, so they had to run a round on top of the mountain “Niedere” with their full equipment instead of actually flying. It was too dangerous due to bad sight and strong winds.
The rest of the disciplines could be held and everyone who competed showed their best effort. The contest was well-organized, by a very responsible team, that made sure that all contestants made it to the finish line safely.

Kristýna Dvořáková
Runner Kristýna Dvořáková // Copyright: outdoortrophy.com / Lars Wieser


The contestants were separated in the categories Pro, Amateur, Women and Single. Yes, there are people who take on this competition all by themselves and give it their all in mountain running, paragliding, white water kayaking AND mountainbiking in one single day!
Big respect to all the contestants!


Ruth Hagen carrying her mountainbike
Mountainbiker Ruth Hagen // Copyright: Virgosystem



The fastest female team was the Czech Outdoor eXtréme Team XX with an excellent time of 4:49:50!

The results of the female teams:

The female teams at the prizegiving ceremony

1st place: Team „Czech Outdoor eXtréme team XX“ – total time: 4:49:50,3
Kristýna Dvoráková CZE / Barbora Pavlásková CZE / Ludmila Šídlová CZE / Zdenka Nemcová CZE
1:26:44,2 (17.) / 0:21:15,6 (20.) / 0:34:05,9 (23.) / 2:27:57,7 (11.)

2nd place: Team „Volksbank Vorarlberg Racing Team“- total time: 5:07:19,7
Sandra Urach AUT/ Monika Jakobi GER / Sonja Schmidt GER / Ruth Hagen AUT
1:30:21,4 (18.) / 0:20:52,8 (18.) / 0:37:05,7 (27.) / 2:39:13,6 (16.)

3rd place: Team „prime elements“- total time: 5:24:09,1
Johanna Raid AUT / Christina Feuerstein AUT / Anngrit Scheuter GER / Vroni Weiß GER
1:40:08,7 (27.) / 0:23:12,9 (23.) / 0:36:38,8 (26.) / 2:44:23,0 (19.)

You can find the complete results in this PDF from outdoortrophy.com:
-> http://www.outdoortrophy.com/5_files/ergebnisse/outdoortrophy-2017/ot-2017-gesamt.pdf



I have asked a woman from each discipline for an interview, read here what they had to say:


Runner Johanna Raid before the start

Johanna Raid is a runner from Vorarlberg, she was part of the Prime Elements team which took 3rd place at the outdoortrophy 2017.
She has taken part in a half marathon and she is currently preparing for the Aukland marathon. She hopes that she will be able to start there.

Is it your first time at the outdoortrophy?

It’s my first start here, it was a spontaneous decision to compete.

What was your motivation to sign up?

I’m running a lot and I enjoy being in the mountains, but I haven’t done a trail run contest so far. It was an interesting challenge!

What do you think is the reason that more men than women compete in runs like this?

I think that women are more self-concious, they doubt that they can make it, whereas men dare to simply try stuff.


Kayaker Anngritt Scheuter

Anngritt Scheuter is a Kayaker from Germany who started for the Prime Elements team. She started white water kayaking 5 years ago.

Is it your first time at the outdoortrophy or have you competed here before?

Yes, it is my first start at the outdoortrophy.

What was your motivation to sign up?

I got asked by Christin if I wanted to join the team with my Kayak. It sounded like a challenge, especially since it is my first competition in general.
Since I focus on whitewater kayak, the slalom was my biggest fear. I trained the slalom, but I got lucky and the slalom part had to be cancelled due to the high water situation.

What is your opinion on the male/female ratio in sports like kayak?

There are lots of awesome and very talented women in kayaking worldwide, but in Germany we only have a few whitewater contests and female kayakers.
I think it will develop. I’m a climber as well and I saw how the situation changed during the last 10 years. The number of female climbers has greatly improved and I hope it will be the same in kayaking!
There should be more women in competitions!


Barbora Pavlásková from the Czech Outdoor eXtreme Team at the outdoortrophy

Barbora Pavlásková is a paraglider and she joined the contest with the Czech Outdoor eXtréme Team XX, who were able to win the outdoortrophy 2017!

Is it your first time at the outdoortrophy or have you competed here before?

It is my first start here. I have already competed in local contests in the Czech Republic before.

What was your motivation to sign up?

I think contests like this are an amazing experience, I really enjoy meeting new people and it’s always a lot of fun!

The weather conditions made it impossible for the paragliders to start, so they had to complete a running round with full equipment instead. Were you sad that you couldn’t fly?

Well, I think as a paraglider you can’t complain about the weather, since that would be what you would do a lot. You just have to take natures conditions as they are.

It was still an exciting experience and I found the running round hard and a challenge.

What do you think about the percentage of women in paragliding?

I would like to see more women paragliding! Currently it’s pretty easy to get good placements, since the competition is so small. I would feel more motivated if there were more women in contests.

Would you like to take part in the outdoortrophy again in the future?

Yes, I would do it again, I think that team competitions are especially great fun!

What do you think is the reason why there are so many czech teams competing here today?

Austria is close to the Czech Republic and the mountains here are awesomely challenging. We don’t have mountains like that at home!

More about the Czech Outdoor eXtréme team:
-> https://www.facebook.com/coetcz/


Mountainbiker Ruth Hagen and family

Ruth Hagen is a local mountainbiker from Vorarlberg, she scored 2nd place for her team Volksbank Vorarlberg Racing Team.

Is it your first time at the outdoortrophy?

No, I have actually competed in the first ever outdoortrophy that was organized and it’s my fourth start here in total!

How was the bike ride course today?

Experience was very important today. The ground was very slippery and soft due to the big amount of rainfall we had in the last days. I had to carry my bike quite a lot and it was an extremely difficult, slippery carrying passage.
Normally you can ride nearly all of the course. Nevertheless, I am very happy with my ride!

What motivated you to sign up?

I have been asked by my company Volksbank if I would like to start and I am competitive. After many years of biking I wanted to find out if I still had what it takes!

Sandra Urach put together the team, it was the first trail run for her, although she is an experienced runner. I want to thank her for setting up the team!

Did you enjoy the outdoortrophy?

I had a lot of fun, especially the crowd was great – they cheered for us and pushed us with their applause!

What do you think about the number of females competing in contests like the outdoortrophy?

Well, it is a very special kind of contest, so there are only a few starters in general, especially women.

I think it could be a motivation if there was prizemoney for the female teams too. Of course I don’t do it for the money, I compete because I enjoy it a lot, but women have the same expenses as men and it would be great to get a bit of money to cover the costs!

More about Ruth:
-> http://ruth-hagen.com/



To round off this report from the outdoortrophy 2017, here are some pictures.


The next outdoortrophy will take place on August 17, 2019 – mark your calendars now!

For further info, please visit:

-> http://www.outdoortrophy.com/
-> http://www.bregenzerwald.at/
-> https://www.vorarlberg.travel/

outdoortrophy 2017

A kayaker seen from above at the outdoortrophy 2013

A kayaker seen from above at the outdoortrophy 2013


the outdoortrophy 2017 will take place on august 12 in Vorarlberg. the outdoortrophy is an extreme sports competition, comprised of four disciplines: mountain running, paragliding, white water kayaking and mountain biking.
it is organized every other year and is considered the inofficial world championship.

this year, 3 all-female teams will accept the challenge, other women will compete in mixed teams or as single contestants.

i will travel to Vorarlberg for you to report about this special competition!

-> for more info, check out http://www.outdoortrophy.com/


Image Copyright: outdoortrophy.com / Markus Gmeiner