trash bike transformation.

on sunday, i finally had time to work on the race bike that i pulled out of the trash earlier this year. i took off all parts that i don’t want to use anymore, for example the brakes, the rest of the old bell, the old lighting or the lock. i also mounted the bars properly.
now i need to order some new parts. the biggest issue is exchanging the sprocket. the bike now has 2 sprockets in front and 5 in the back.
i plan to change this to one smaller sprocket in the front.

i don’t know yet if this will work out or not, since i have never worked on a bike with gears.

we’ll see…

Reverb Girls UK Tour 2012

from july 26th until 28th, the reverb girls tour will take place in the uk. it is a tour for skateboarders, inliners, bmx riders and scooter riders.

“A Girl’s tour of some of the UK’s most infamous skateparks aimed to generate awarness and increase the profile of women within the industry.
The event is also being aimed at “new blood” to encourage new girls to take up our sports.”

please fund the lady rollers organisation to make this tour happen!

-> facebook event for the tour

Coven Magazine Issue One

here’s what the publishers themselves have to say about their mag:

Action, Art & Adventure for women… Packed with beautiful photography and intelligent interviews, Coven redefines the ‘women’s’ magazine with a refreshing blend of action, art and adventure. From bonafide legends to the newcomers making waves, Coven bring you features on the most exciting women in action sports, design, illustration, photography and more. Travel and culture, art and style, an inspiring, informative, original magazine for women interested in more than diets and celebrities.

issue one features topics like fixed gear bikes, climbing, bmx riding, art, mountain biking and much more!


-> Coven Magazine on twitter

Seperate courses for men and women in slopestyle?

freeskier Kristi Leskinen surveyed professional slopestyle snowboarders and skiers to find out if men and women would prefer different setups to compete on. she worked on this survey for months and now the results are here.
basically, the main result was that women would prefer smaller jumps than men.

here is the full survey result:

you can find more info about the survey here:

and even more detailed on kristi’s website:

freeskier kaya turski has also posted her opinion on the survey results:

Sexism in Sports

at the moment, there is a discussion going on if there is too much sexism in sports.
how do you feel about sexism in sports? have you experienced any disadvantages? do sexist ads or sexist portrayal in the media disturb you?

i, personally, try to only buy from companies that don’t use sexist advertisements (for me this means either using sex to sell products or belittleing women) and that put the same knowledge and effort into making high quality products for men and women alike.

i would like to give you a few links to interesting articles on this topic, here they are:

“embracing their femininity”, Cori Schumacher:

“Has porn hijacked our boardsports culture?”, Sophie Friedel:

not related to sports, but still a very interesting read: “Can You Tell The Difference Between A Men’s Magazine And A Rapist?”, Anna North:

“‘little hoss’ and a call to action”, Cori Schumacher:

Longboard Girls Crew Austria

after getting together at some longboard jams organised by, a couple of girls from vienna decided to form a crew and organise our own jams.
recently, we founded the Longboard Girls Crew Austria – check out our facebook page:

also, there’s a closed facebook group specifically for discussing meetings etc in vienna – just apply and we will add you:

we’re proud to be a part of the International Longboard Girls Crew Network! thanks for welcoming us so kindly!

there also was a first jam already and today is our next meetup. once again, we will ride together in vienna, starting at the heldenplatz at 16:30, where we will do a photoshooting. here’s the facebook event for “Girls ride Vienna”:
our jams are aimed at both beginners and advanced riders, we want to have fun together and learn from each other!
don’t hesitate to show up, even if you have never ridden a longboard – you can borrow one and see if you like longboarding!

keep riding!