Wild Woman Longboarding

Screenshot of the video "Wild Woman Longboarding", a collection of longboarding footage from 2015.

Wild Woman Longboarding is a mashup of Longboarding Footage from 2015, filmed by Streetluge-Austria.at. The Clips were captured at Events like Alpenrauschen, Bela Joyride or LoRaLo in Austria and at the Norwegian Extremsportweek (Ekstremsportveko) in Voss.

The Riders featured in the Video are: Gloria Kupsch, Anna Pixner, Lorenza Walker, Live Frisak, Kirsti Henriksen, Lilian Gutsch, Susan Heine, Jasmijn Hanegraef, Corinna Weigl, Ishtar Bäcklund and Sonsoles Masia Sanchez.


Thanks to Alexander “Tikialex” Frischauf for the contribution!

Women’s Longboard Camp 2016 – Dates and Supreme Edition

Women's Longboard Camp 2015

Women's Longboard Camp 2015

In 2016, the 5th edition of the Women’s Longboard Camp will take place. To celebrate 5 years of WLC gloriousness, you will be confronted with the WLC triple whammy – 3 WLC events in one year to choose from or even visit them all, with a team, including skilled instructors, giving their best to guarantee a wonderful time for you!

WLC 2016 Supreme Flyer
WLC 2016 Supreme Flyer

The season kickoff in March will take place in a luxurios homebase in Sintra, Portugal. The WLC Supreme Camp is going to offer not only longboarding workshops and skateboard sessions, but also great opportunities to relax in the beautiful surroundings of Sintra, including Yoga, Sauna and Jacuzzi Sessions.

In June, it is time to go back to the roots with a WLC Basic Camp. The second camp of the year will be going down in Stuttgart, Germany, where you can explore riding spots in the parks and vineyards near Stuttgart.

Teaming up with Woodwings, a Freeride Camp will happen in South France in August. With longboarding workshops for all disciplines and the chance to freeride two closed roads it’s for sure going to be a good time.

-> WLC Supreme Website
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Women’s Longboard Camp 2015

Women's Longboard Camp 2015

Womens Longboard Camp Flyer Page 1 Womens Longboard Camp Flyer Page 2

the Women’s Longboard Camp, organized by a group of longboard enthusiasts around Fee Bücheler, is a story of success. the first camp was held in 2012 and from then on, all camps have been fully booked with lightning speed.
the camp will take place this summer as well, also offering side activities like an introduction to miniramp or bowl skating, yoga, parkour or crossfit. spend time with like-minded ladies and have a fun time riding. sounds great?
i heard that a few spots are still available. if you wish to visit one of the best longboard camps for females in europe, hurry up and sign in!

-> download the registration form

here’s the official press release:

Women`s Longboard Camp 2015 – Same same, but different

Just like the previous two years, 2014 was a raging success. Stuttgart was a blast and WLC will return to southwest Germany in 2015. We’ll always stay true to our longboarding roots, however this year we’ll mix it up a little and give you the chance to also try one of two other exciting new sports – CrossFit & Parkour. Also new this year – want to skate everything and get a taste of hard wheels and a feel for skating ramps and bowls? Check out our transition skating option. As always we’re offering a well-rounded, all-inclusive package brimming with workshops, set-up tips to fine-tune your ride, a first aid seminar for skaters (NEW!) and scrummy, healthy food.

Get ready to get rad!

We’re beyond thrilled that so many women from allover the world are keen to attend WLC. In 2015 we’d like to give more of you lovely ladies the chance to come join us, so we’re introducing a workshop-only option. This allows you to take part in the morning skate workshops, the how-to / set-up workshop and the first aid seminar.

We’re freakin’ stoked, 2015 is gonna be the bomb and the crew is buzzing to bring you an extraordinary event you won’t forget.


Location: Stuttgart, SW Germany. We’ll be skating in town as well as around the city, exploring vineyard serpentines, parks and lots more.

Stuttgart is well connected and easily accessible via train, plane, bus & car – all participants are required to arrange for transport to and from Stuttgart.


Available spaces: 20 x all-inclusive package

20 x workshop-only option


Date: June 05 – 11, 2015


Accommodation: Plenty of floor space at Flatspot Skate Shop Stuttgart, showering facilities are available. If you prefer a hostel, hotel or B&B, you’ll need to arrange for this yourself. We’ll be meeting you lovely ladies at:


Flatspot Stuttgart

Wolframstraße 24

70191 Stuttgart


The shop is a 10 minute walk from the main train station or about 3 minutes from Stadtbibliothek underground station.


Yoga: Dani will guide you through an outdoors morning yoga practice weather permitting.


CrossFit: A current trend in fitness, not only due to its versatility – CrossFit is ideal to prepare and strengthen the body for other sports. Together with a professional CrossFit crew, we have devised 3 training units:

TE 1: An introduction to CrossFit and its training methods and concepts, followed by a short sequence of AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of the basic moves.

TE 2: A complete CrossFit workout including strength conditioning.

TE 3: A light training session including exercises on technique, weight lifting and gymnastics, as well as mobility and recovery in theory and practice.



Parkour: Describes the art of efficient movement – getting from A to B as fast, smoothly and efficiently as possible. We are proud to introduce German all-female Parkour collective Freequence as a new WLC partner in 2015 and are excited about this cooperation, based on mutual core values.



All-inclusive package: 520 Euros


This includes:

  • 5 days of longboarding workshops
  • Additional sports workshops, choose from: CrossFit, Parkour, basics of transition skateboarding (miniramp, bowl)
  • How-to / set-up workshop
  • First aid seminar (road accidents/skateboarding injuries)
  • All inclusive food & drink – breakfast, packed lunches & evening catering
  • Daily yoga practice (weather permitting)
  • Public transport ticket to access skate spots & get around town
  • Accommodation (as aforementioned)
  • Goodie bags full of awesome swag by our rad sponsors
  • Test board centre – try different longboards at your leisure


Workshop-only option: 250 Euros


This includes:

  • 5 days of longboarding workshops
  • How-to / set-up workshop
  • First aid seminar (road accidents/skateboarding injuries)
  • Daily yoga practice (weather permitting)
  • Public transport ticket to access skate spots & get around town
  • Test board centre – try different longboards at your leisure


Please bring:

Cutlery & tableware, sleeping bag & mat, helmet (must have EPS foam lining and be certified for use in non-motorised asphalt sports – no watersports helmets, please check whether your skiing/snowboarding helmet is compliant), knee pads, elbow pads, slide gloves.

We have our very own test board centre, meaning you’ll be able to try different longboards at your leisure and don’t necessarily need to bring your own, or perhaps you don’t have a set-up of your own yet, in which case this will be a brilliant opportunity for you to experiment.


Important: Your safety is our utmost priority and we will do everything we can to minimise the risk of injury, including thorough warm-ups prior to all sessions. We will be skating different locations, therefore no ambulance will be present onsite. We won’t be out in the sticks, meaning medical assistance can be obtained quickly if needed. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate medical insurance for this event, especially if you are coming from abroad.


See you in Stuttgart!


WLC crew


-> http://www.womenlongboardcamp.com/

-> https://www.facebook.com/WmsLongboardcamp

Longboard Summercamp

the Women’s Longboard Camp Crew got together with the Flat Spot Stuttgart Skateshop to organize a Longboard Summercamp. it’s a camp for both females and males who are 16 or older.

it will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, from the 5th until the 7th of september 2014!

check out Fee Bücheler shredding on the flyer (pic by Nicole Fleck).

Longboard Summercamp 2014

Exhibition: IF SHE CAN DO IT, SO CAN I

if she can do it, so can i

on thursday, the 17th of july at 7pm, an interesting exhibition will celebrate its opening to the public.
the exhibition is called “IF SHE CAN DO IT, SO CAN I” and it focuses on the view of female artists on the female skate scene. it is curated by Melanie Ruff (Ruffboards).
artists like sixxa or sqrl contributed to this exhibiton, which also marks the starting point of the “women-skate-history” collection in austria.

if she can do it, so can i

the exhibition can be visited from july 18th until august 3rd 2014, at  “Der Schaukasten”, Märzstrasse 67, 1150 Vienna.

-> event on facebook
-> Der Schaukasten website