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Apr 4, 2014
posted by steph

Girls Go West! Girlssession#6 at Skatepark Sweatshop

here’s an edit about the Girls Go West! Girlssession#6 at skatepark sweatshop in den haag, netherlands, edited by Jana Coppens.

Apr 3, 2014
posted by steph

Julia Brückler Skateboarding 2014

austrian skateboarder Julia Brückler has a smashing new edit, which you all should watch!

Mar 30, 2014
posted by steph

Nine Queens 2014 Contest Edit

first off, sorry for not updating mizzi.at regularly in the recent past, i have been pretty occupied with snowboarding during this winter season – for more info check my blog on http://stephanieposch.wordpress.com/
i’ll try to be a better host again in the future :)

the suzuki nine queens contest 2014 took place on the 29th of march in livigno, italy, where skiers and snowboarders battled for the title “queen of the world”. this years queens are Lisa Zimmermann and Elena Könz.
here’s the contest edit!

Mar 17, 2014
posted by steph

Longboard Girls Crew Austria – the season 2014 is on!

join the Longboard Girls Crew Austria for the first meetup in 2014!

longboard girls crew austria season opening flyer 2014

date: march 30, 2014
time: 14:00
meeting point: U1 donauinsel, right in front of the station.

google maps links:
U1 donauinsel
unity spot

plan: in case of bad weather, we will stay underneath the tube bridge (dancing, street obstacles), otherwise we plan to cruise the donauinsel and maybe hit up the unity spot (dancing, sliding).

-> event on facebook

Mar 12, 2014
posted by steph

video: O’Neill Girls Freeride Coachings presented by K2 & Blue Tomato – Diedamskopf

here’s the video of the O’Neill Girls Freeride Coachings presented by K2 & Blue Tomato, filmed in the Diedamskopf resort.

Mar 7, 2014
posted by steph

How To: Nose Manual with Laura Fong-Yee

skateboarder Laura Fong-Yee shares with us the technique behind a nose manual.

Mar 6, 2014
posted by steph

how to do a face check – pro tipp by Sandra Lahnsteiner

Sandra Lahnsteiner, professional freeskier from austria, explains how to do a proper face check before a freeride contest or filming session.

Feb 17, 2014
posted by steph

surfing pregnant

surfer Kristi Olivares documented how she was able to follow her passion for surfing all the way during her pregnancy in 2013. she made a video which shows that being pregnant doesn’t automatically mean you will have to stop being active. Kristi simply adjusted her surfing to ensure the safety of her unborn baby and herself, for example switching to paddling & taking off on her knees instead of lying down on her belly. she also chose to ride smaller waves where she always was fully in control.

the video is both inspiring and fun. check out how much Kristi enjoyed her surf!

you can read all the details here:
-> http://www.shesurfs.com.au/surfing-pregnant/
find Kristi on instagram here:
-> http://instagram.com/koko_surf

Feb 16, 2014
posted by steph

Big Mountain Hochfügen 2014 – Top 3 Female Snowboard runs

watch how the best 3 ladies Amber Schuecker, Liz Kristoferitsch and Manuela Mandl dealed with the conditions at the big mountain hochfügen.

-> http://amberschuecker.wordpress.com/
-> http://lizkristoferitsch.com/
-> http://manuelamandl.wordpress.com/

Feb 13, 2014
posted by steph

the wakebabes @ battle falls

here comes the wakebabes section from Amber Wing’s all female wake movie “Sets in Motion”, featuring the talents of Jen GilanFarr, Cassandra Scott, Stephanie Campbell, Tynna Rosero and Zuzana Vrabolva!


you can watch the whole movie on the Sets in Motion website:
-> http://setsinmotionfilm.com/